Who will win the 2024 Democratic presidential nomination?
Aug 23
Joe Biden
Kamala Harris
Michelle Obama
Gretchen Whitmer
Gavin Newsom
Josh Shapiro
Pete Buttigieg
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
J. B. Pritzker

Resolves to whoever is selected as the United States Democratic Party nominee for President at the 2024 Democratic National Convention

Who will be the Democratic nominee?

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Bentham's Bulldog on why Biden isn't dropping out:


Well, Pedo Peter survives the week now as his incompetence is out of the news. Looks like he's the nominee for the Dems

yeah, but if this makes Trump more popular it'll make the Dems even more desperate to replace Biden

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Manifold politics is cancelled

Give us some credit Kevin

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opened a 峁10,000 Michelle Obama NO at 6% order

It's not Michelle, you silly billies.

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Tim Kaine, Blumenthal, and Pelosi all seem to be changing their tune. The media onslaught was one thing, high-ranking Democrats is another.

If there was a Hillary option I'd sprinkle/donate some manna for the memes


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Biden鈥檚 Appeal Fails to Quiet Criticism From Democrats in Congress - NY Times


I mean, the Biden's brain story has too much joementum to just go away at this point. I'm currently amused that the MSM is finally doing its job on this story, but wonder what will happen in the scenario that Biden digs in and isn't ousted as presumptive nominee. Can the MSM really pretend we didn't all see what we saw in June? Can they pretend that Project 2025 is a blueprint for fascist takeover and is endorsed by Trump to fill the news cycle void? This might be my favorite election ever. 馃嵖

Project 2025 IS a blueprint for a fascist takeover and is not just endorsed by Trump but written by those who ran his admin. Thats objectively more concerning then Biden鈥檚 stutter

Lol, I guess we all live in separate realities these days. Here is a guilt-by-association mealy-mouthed attempt to tie Trump to P2025; one notable excerpt:

"Other members on the RNC platform committee with ties to Project 2025 include Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, who has been vocal in his efforts to ensure the Republican platform does not soften its language on abortion. Perkins has said he is involved in the crafting of the 2024 platform"

But guess what happened instead?

WE may live in alternate realities but that鈥檚 because you don鈥檛 live in the actual reality. If Trump didn鈥檛 want to be tied to Project 2025 then he shouldn鈥檛 have had all his staff create it. And when 70% of Americans believe Trump is a liar and Trump is on record lying multiple times, including that he鈥檇 鈥減rotect Roe鈥, no one really cares what makes it on the official party platform when Project 2025 announces what they really intend

Funny, when Trump jokingly says "dictator for one day" people take him literally and make Handmaid's Tale memes. And OTOH, choose to disbelieve this:

But Trump said on his Truth Social platform he had nothing to do with the plan.

"I know nothing about Project 2025. I have no idea who is behind it," he wrote.

"I disagree with some of the things they're saying," he continued, adding some of their assertions were "absolutely ridiculous and abysmal."

And back to how Trump has already explicitly wrenched out of the party's platform the more conservative line on abortion...

But, you're behind the news cycle! Get on this hype train: Russia collusion electric bugaloo, now being pushed by NBCIA. I can help you become the best version of your TDS self.

Ah yes the guy who tried to overturn an election was 鈥渏oking鈥 when he鈥檇 say he鈥檇 be a dictator鈥 and we should believe the man that constantly lies when he says that he had nothing to do with President next 2025 despite 15 of his top administration officials writing the plan鈥 the lunacy here is wild

@AlQuinn Trump absolutely didn鈥檛 write that tweet lol, no caps, no misspelling, someone on his staff put that together

Also Trump last time past something like 65% of all heritage foundation policy. The known liar can say whatever he wants

(pretty sure his staff is responsible for most of the all caps & misspelled tweets too)

Nah I think those are legit from Trump, they are so unhinged in a way only an old man on the internet is. Who really knows tho

Dan Scavino is rumored to have ghostwritten a great deal of it. The unhinged tweets seem to be a part of Trump's... charm.

As absurd as it sounds, I think Trump's stupid tweets are part of his campaign team's efforts to carefully craft his image for the American public. I sure would have thought that being an unhinged asshole would be an idiotic campaign strategy, but we learned in 2016 that it actually works - which raises the question of whether he's being an unhinged asshole on purpose to win over a certain type of voters.

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