Will an algorithm be able to write a full-length book indistinguisable from a human author before September 2024?
Sep 3

If there exists an algorithm that can write such a book, then this questions resolves to yes.

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Exactly how long does the book have to be? How will you judge indistinguishability?

@OlegEterevsky I'm thinking maybe 150 pages? If someone reads such a book and engages with it, perhaps mentioning on social that they enjoyed it before someone points out that it's AI-generated, then that would be an example of indistinguishability.

Does this include a full-length book of short stories or poems? Or the whole thing has to be a single narrative/topic?

@NateSelzer short stories or poems are too short. I'm thinking of a full-length novel, e.g. at least 150 pages?

Doesn't GPT4 turbo already do this if you set it up to write a few sub chapters at a time? I feel like this can be scripted to write a single short book.

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@AJama I think it's possible to come up with a clever prompt that can generate chapters of a book that can then be strung together, but so far haven't seen any synthetic books that really hold together.

There's already plenty of books written so formulaically that it's impossible to tell whether they've been written by an "author" in any meaningful sense. Any chance of putting a lower bound on this?

@ClubmasterTransparent I have yet to see a book that really is "indistinguisable" from what a human author would produce. I think we're very close to this threshold, but all the examples I've seen so far are fairly obviously not written by a human

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