When will the first commercially viable nuclear fusion power plant be built?
Before 2035
2035 - 2045
2045 - 2060
After the year 2060
Never - Another energy source will be preferred even if technically and commercially viable.

For decades, nuclear fusion was always "20 years away". Now it's time to settle the debate here! Will it ever happen, and when?

I've opted for a range instead of a specific year, but you can specify the exact year in the comments below if you want.

I've also allowed for adding new answers later for this poll, so if you think additional options need to be added, let me know!

Will resolve when either of the following conditions are met:

  • The first commercial nuclear fusion power station is built.

  • Another energy source is preferred/more economically more competitive for base-load power, and nuclear fusion deployment is either halted or restricted to niche applications.

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Fusion is vastly more complicated than fission and is unlikely to be cheaper (or even close to as cheap) - the only advantage it would have on Earth is possibly less initial opposition from environmentalists, but I expect that to change once a prototype gets build and the mob collectively realizes it still makes nuclear waste. It might be useful for large scale power production in the outer solar system, but we won't have habitats around the gas giants large enough to necessitate that in this century.

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