Will OpenAI and Anthropic announce they're merging into one in 2023?
Jan 1

Self-describing. If they release a press release saying they're merging into one team, this market resolves to YES. This market resolves to NO by year end.

I may bet on this market.

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Journalist writing about AI for WIRED:

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Semiotic Rivalrybought Ṁ35 of NO

@ersatz theinformation articles have been worth their weight in gold so far so that would be surprising

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Semiotic Rivalry

this would be the good timeline (therefore it will not happen)

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@SemioticRivalry good question, created a market

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https://twitter.com/var_epsilon/status/1726774102654964159 this was tried and rejected. But I guess if openai breaks down the remaining rump may join anthropic.

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@EricNeyman markets with shorter resolution are more traded, in my experience. As a tip for you as a creator

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Eric Neymansold Ṁ12 of NO

@MP Thanks for the tip! I do think that having both resolution dates is valuable (and I'm fine with my market being less traded).