In the end of 2028, will the public generally accept that talking with AI Girlfriends is cheating?

If at the year of our lord Jesus Christ of 2028 there is a general consensus in the internet (therefore skewing towards Millenials and GenZers) that having an AI girlfriends is cheating in relationship, I'll resolve this market to YES.

I see what is the current majority opinion on Twitter and the relevant subreddits. I'll ask for something that my guts tell that ~70%+ of the relevant public thinks it's cheating. This means a focus in the anglophone market.

If hard data from prolific pollsters come, I'll too consider that.

This market resolves to my understanding on Dec 31st 2028.

I won't bet.

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Sometimes people need the support of artificial general rationalussy. We should not disparage them for this.

2024 or 2028?

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