Will the New York Times write a non-negative article specifically about Georgism in 2023?

Companion market for this one:

The other one resolves if there's an article that just mentions a key term in a neutral or positive light. For THIS market, it will only resolve "Yes", if, by December 31 2023, 11:59:59 PM CT, at least one article has appeared on the New York Times where Georgism, Land Value Tax, or Henry George, is the actual central subject of the article in question.

For instance, if they just run an article about say, YIMBYism, and they happen to briefly mention Georgism in passing, that's not enough. If Georgism, LVT, or Henry George is in the headline itself, that obviously resolves "Yes." It will be a judgment call if it's, say, an article about the housing crisis and Georgism/LVT/etc is a major lens that the article uses for its analysis. The key determinant will be how much of the article the concept of Georgism or the personage of Henry George is actually central to -- it has to be at least 50%.