By 2031, will any new TIME Person of the Year have been selected for their negative influence?

The title could use some work, please help. Anyway, from Wikipedia:

Person of the Year (called Man of the Year or Woman of the Year until 1999)[1] is an annual issue of the American news magazine and website Time featuring a person, a group, an idea, or an object that "for better or for worse ... has done the most to influence the events of the year".

Will any person of the year selected between 2023 (inclusive) and 2030 (inclusive) clearly have been selected for doing the most to influence the events of the year "for worse"? Hitler would be a major past example.

The wikipedia article also notes:

as a result of the public backlash it received from the American audience for naming Khomeini Man of the Year in 1979, the magazine's editors have since shied away from using figures who are controversial in the United States for commercial reasons, fearing reductions in sales or advertising revenue.

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Would trump have counted, I guess right?

@justifieduseofFallibilism Sorry, only seeing this now. Hmm. I think they basically always do the US president when there's a new one, so if you look at the counterfactual, they didn't really select him based on his negative influence, just his POTUSness. Still, if the coverage in that issue was unambiguously and overwhelmingly negative, I think I'd be inclined to count it.

Open to other people's thoughts. Another option would be to exclude the new-POTUS-who-this editions entirely for this market.

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@jskf It's funny how Trump Prosecutors are one of the top choices (finalists) for Time's POTY

Only negative things being said about him here