Will I successfully use ChatGPT to make a fun card game in 2023?
resolved Jan 1

I'm a video game designer and have also designed some board and card games:


Will I be able to use ChatGPT this year to make a card game that I deem to be a success and that anyone I know thinks is fun? (This is actually a pretty high bar)

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I did not. Mostly because of a particular black sawn event utterly disrupting my life and massively limiting my free time. Resolves NO.

Whether Lars will attempt it, the "fun", and "success" parts are the main uncertainties. GPT-4 is a huge multiplier for producing code. I have one project where it is giving me a 2-5x speed-up - and that project is not one of GPT's main languages.

How much of the intellection heavy lifting does ChatGPT need to do? Also will you only be using the base chart, or also the new GPT-4 version and plugins and whatnot?

@jonsimon I’ll be using GPT4, but through the standard ChatGPT interface. The degree of its involvement doesn’t matter as long as it’s substantially involved—it doesn’t have to create something all by itself in a closed loop, just helping me brainstorm is enough.

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@LarsDoucet Well if you're planning to use it to help you brainstorm already, then isn't this a guaranteed Yes?

@jonsimon No, because any number of things might happen:

  • I might never get around to it

  • I might never wind up creating anything fun