Will the ChatGPT UI/UX change significantly before the end of 2025, altering core user interactions and functionality?

I saw the interaction above predicting the ChatGPT will change significantly with the release of GPT-5, and it made me think.

Resolution Criteria

  • Significant Changes: Implementing features or redesigns fundamentally transforming how users engage with ChatGPT. Changes should either introduce new capabilities or significantly modify existing ones.

  • Advanced Mode: If the changes are hidden behind an optional advanced mode, it would still suffice to resolve this market as yes.

  • Examples of Qualifying Changes

    • The introduction of adaptive UI elements that change based on the task at hand or user preferences.

    • The integration of complex background processes that carry out extended tasks without user input, which are then reported back within the UI.

  • Examples of Non-Qualifying Changes

    • Cosmetic changes such as color scheme updates, font changes, or button redesigns that do not affect the functionality or interaction flow.

    • The ability to chat with multiple bots simultaneously if the interaction style remains unchanged.

    • Features that allow multiple users to join a conversation without any changes in how the conversation is conducted or how the UI facilitates these interactions.

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What if the main interface is similar to the chat interface of current ChatGPT, but you can optionally "peek inside" the process and see the LLM manipulating Kanban boards, writing chains-of-thought, or similar? I'm imagining a "stats for nerds"-like interface that's made available to all but the majority of users feel no need to use it

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@CDBiddulph would suffice since some users would have access to significant UI/UX

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@CDBiddulph updated the resolution criteria - thank you for the question

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i am really curious how this question will resolve

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@firstuserhere you might like this one :)

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