Will Scarlett Johansson sue OpenAI and/or Sam Altman personally in 2024?

Resolves yes if Johansson or a legal entity representing her interests (such as a company owning her relevant intellectual property) sues OpenAI and/or Altman, in any capacity, by the end of 2024. Arbitration claims will count; mediations will not.

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Geez if people can copyright their voices the lawyers are in for an infinity of payouts. And creators are going to be constantly sniped from here to infinity on this

Or else we'll just use our of copyright voices like Groucho Marx for everything

@Ernie You can't copyright a voice, only recordings of that voice. She's only got a copyright claim if they used recordings she owns to train the AI, and even that's iffy.

More likely she'd sue for violation of her publicity rights or trademark, although I think a trademark claim would be very weak.


@Hyperlincoln yah, my understanding is that the clearest route is publicity rights under california law

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Here's an article discussing Johansson's last prominent lawsuit. It briefly describes Periwinkle Entertainment, her "loan out" company, which is an example of the kind of plaintiff described in the question text. (In other words, if Periwinkle Entertainment sued OpenAI on Johansson's behalf, the question would resolve YES.)


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