Will white-collar workers unionize to prevent job loss to AI/automation in 2024?

[This is Kevin's medium-confidence prediction from the 12/22/23 episode of Hard Fork]

This market will resolve to yes if there is significant new union activity in at least 3 of these 5 fields by December 31, 2024: law, finance, medicine, media and tech. To count, unions don't need to be NLRB-certified by the end of 2024, but preventing AI and automation-related job loss should be among the organizers' top stated priorities.

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Use of "AI" tech to copy artistic styles, voices, and appearances was an issue in the recent Hollywood strikes, but those are existing unions rather than new unionization.

1k limit at 15%

Grammar 🚓. The missing Oxford comma “unionizes” media and tech into a single category leaving a total of four. Can we get either another category added or the text cleaned up? All in jest! Love the show, guys.

Imo the criteria is super strict here. I could see some union activity but 3/5 of those categories is a but much to take the yes side.

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