Will there be mass layoffs of knowledge workers as a direct result of AI by 2030?

Mass layoff: More than 10% of knowledge workers

Knowledge worker: Anyone whose work can be done remotely

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When looking at tech innovations over the last few years, more and more companies are looking to slim down their amount of employees and autonomize the most amount of processes. That being said, however, I think the return to work and push for a more integrated community within companies, is going to slow the process down and it will not be as drastic as the recent tech layoffs.

According to a Forbes article titled "Artificial Intelligence Is Already Causing Disruption And Job Losses At IBM And Chegg", they state that over 300 million jobs will be affected by AI. It concludes that globally there will be around 69 million new jobs whilst eradicating 83 million jobs, therefore it will be a net loss of 14 million jobs.

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@DanielMateoViteri Why are you betting yes then?

10% is about 100 million.

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It will be interesting to know why people vote yes here. Such a layoffs will provoke some sort of revolution...

I belive politicians and they sponsors will rather keep us employed, doing not much 4 days a week.

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@ArekStryjski It will be the decision of profit driven firms. People will be more expensive and inefficient than the energy for compute.

I agree. There will be social turmoil and a call for proper redistribution. Let’s hope that it’s a positive sum process. Probably zero sum in the short term.

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