Will AI replace most people in call-centers by 2030?
  1. Cost Savings: AI chatbots could save the call center industry a significant amount in labor costs per year. This is a major incentive for businesses to invest in AI technology.

  2. Technological Advancements: Advances in natural language processing and text-to-speech models make it harder for people to detect whether they’re interacting with a bot or not. This enhances the customer experience and makes AI a viable alternative to human agents.

  3. Efficiency: AI can make agents more efficient and effective, improving the customer experience. For instance, automating the identification of a customer’s name, policy number, and reason for calling using AI could reduce a significant portion of the interaction time that would typically be supported by a human agent.

  4. Labor Shortages: Many organizations are challenged by agent staff shortages and the need to curtail labor expenses. AI can help address these challenges.

  5. Continual Disruption and Evolution: The adoption and evolution of AI technology will take place almost simultaneously, making AI continually disruptive. This means that AI’s capabilities will continue to improve over time, potentially leading to more widespread adoption in call centers.

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How will this be measured?

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@ftkurt checking if those jobs are even posted to begin with by that time

Why is the resolution date only a month from now?

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@MartimLobao i didn't know how to do this

@DanielWallace Hover over the resolution date, and a pencil thing comes up. Click that to edit (in the web version, not sure in app).

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