Will the next NZ government scrap 3 or more of the Act party's "demographic ministries"?

Act is shaping up to be a strong player in New Zealand's next government.

One key component of their campaign has focused on government spending cuts which includes "abolishing demographic ministries".

From Acts alternative budget "a time for truth" there is the following exerpt:

Abolish Demographic Ministries

ACT’s Alternative Budget would abolish the following

demographic ministries:

• Ministry for Women

• Ministry for Pacific Peoples

• Ministry of Māori Development

• Ministry for Ethnic Communities

• Office for Crown-Māori Relations

• Human Rights Commission

Resolves YES if 3 or more of these ministries are scrapped during the next parliamentary term.

(Definition of scrapped will hopefully be clear as events unfold)

Otherwise resolves NO

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predicts NO

the National-Act coalition agreement doesn't specify scrapping any of those ministries.

The one govt department they've agreed to scrap is the Maori Health Authority, which isn't on your list. https://www.nzdoctor.co.nz/sites/default/files/2023-11/National_ACT_Agreement.pdf

they could always go beyond their agreement, but I don't know why national would do that.

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