Will there be significant repercussions for Kevin McCarthy shoving Representative Tim Burchett by 2024?
resolved Dec 31

Resolves yes if Kevin suffers significant consequences due to this story. Censure would obviously count, but so could serious harm to his reputation even without censure. Resolves to my opinion of what counts as significant, so I will not trade.

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Congress is not in session, this can probably resolve a few hours early.

I think that Gaetz filing an ethics complaint against McCarthy might resolve this yes if he actually goes through with it and it makes news, though open to other opinions.

@Joshua I think that is a prelude to a potential consequence.

@BTE That's fair, just filing the complaint and then nothing coming of it probably isn't a "significant repercussion" by itself.

No longer a hypothetical! Not resolving yes on this but it's bullish!

I met Tim Burchett once, and my dad went to high school with him. what a guy

He just did an interview!

Trying to think of potential outcomes here. I think if his wife makes him get anger management counseling, that counts. @BTE any suggestions? This seems like your type of market.

@Joshua I can't believe this is happening. Honestly, if I were McCarthy I would have punched Burchett in the face during closed session weeks ago.


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