Who will win Masters League? (Season 12 - April)
May 2

When season 12 locks in, the winner of Masters League resolves to 100%.

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The race for most profit is pretty close:

Looks like it’s now named “prudent foxes”

bought Ṁ5 @AmmonLam YES

And in the eleventh month of creation, @AmmonLam defeated the old and tired @Joshua , who accepted his fate and sailed into the west, never to be seen again. There were no heroes left to stop Ammon's unstoppable march.


Yet all was not forlorn, for anew heroes hath risen from the ashes of turmoil.

@chrisjbillington, who emerged more formidable from the diamond purgatory, his spirit unbroken and his strength renewed.

@strutheo, the mighty, at the helm of his innumerable legions of traders, their banners fluttering in the wind, a testament to their unwavering resolve.

@Bayesian, who now rests in tranquility, his heart lightened with the knowledge that Mr. Basil is restored, rejuvenated from the throes of despair.

@houstonEuler, the valiant, who vanquished all in the realm of diamond and now sets his gaze upon the masters, his sword thirsting for the glory of conquest anew.

@jacksonpolack, the indomitable, whom one must never disregard, regardless of the stance he finds himself in, for his prowess in battle is unmatched and his spirit, unyielding.

@MichaelWheatley, the seer, whose foresight into the realm of Aella polls is of unfathomable precision.

@ChristopherRandles, the sage, whose mean squared error is unparalleled in the annals of time, his calculations unerring.

@Ziddletwix, the oracle, who knows film's fate even before its journey begins. He discerns the success or doom of cinematic ventures with a clarity that bewilders the minds of mortals.

@mattyb, the prodigious wagerer, who lays his fortunes across every market known to existence, wielding incredible accuracy like a finely honed blade.

@shankypanky, the augur of vibes, who, after suffering defeat in a storied duel against the illustrious @mattyb , now burns with a hunger for vengeance. Her gift, the prediction of the unseen currents that sway the hearts of multitudes, now sharpened by the fires of her setback.
@firstuserhere, the clandestine bettor, his bets as calculated as his strides, who artfully intersperses his wagers amidst the unraveling of neural networks and the rigorous training for the marathon.

@Tumbles the notorious gambler, within the dimly lit dens of risk and despair, he has gambled with the audacity of a man possessed, each wager plunging him deeper into the abyss of obligation

he has gambled with the audacity of a man possessed, each wager plunging him deeper into the abyss of obligation

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