Who will be the top 5 in Masters League? (Season 12 - April)
May 2

When season 12 locks in, everyone in the top 5 will resolve to 20%. You can submit more names, which will split off from Other.

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bought Ṁ1 @mattyb YES

i dare say i’m slightly underpriced rn

@mattyb 6th, under 1k from 5th. Still at 1.5% 😭

Was there a name change for the league? ‘Prudent Foxes’ just doesn’t have the same pizzazz.

bought Ṁ250 @Lion NO

I know I've had some fun with this in the past (cc @snazzlePop 😉), but adding me without even being in Masters is a bit excessive.

bought Ṁ3 @strutheo YES

I was going to add you @Joshua but it looks like you're not in masters? Where did you get banished to?

@Arky Ammon has slain me, I am deceased. 💀

But yeah I decided I should probably have my account removed from leagues along with the ManifoldPolitics and ManifoldAI accounts which I run.

Since I now work for the site and make a lot of the decisions that effect the competition, it felt weird for me to also be in the competition and try-harding as much as I was at the end of last season.

I went out fighting and I'm happy with my track record. I leave the game to you all now!