When Leagues Season 11 closes, will this market have a higher displayed percent than Trump's odds of becoming president?
resolved Apr 2

This is a submission for the Sanctioned Whalebait Bounty. It may get N/A-ed if it is ruled to be too degenerate.

On April 1st, Season 11 of Manifold Leagues will end at a random time. I will compare this market's displayed odds at that time to the odds of Donald Trump becoming president according to This Presidential Election Market, the same market used for the Manifold Politics Page.

As of market creation, Trump's odds are 48%. I will not trade on this market, but I will probably trade quite a lot in the presidential election market.

[Disclaimer: These rules should be considered to be in Draft Form until this disclaimer is removed. I may update the exact resolution rules if anyone has suggestions for improvements within the spirit of the market.]

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Wait I should make this the average

@Joshua Hmmm or maybe that should just be a separate market