How will scientific consensus in 2050 apportion the causes of increased life expectancy from 1000AD to 2000AD in Europe?
improved diet
increased sanitation / hygiene / clean air+water
vaccines and antibiotics
medical ex-vaccines/antibiotics
reduced war / homicide / execution / child abandonment
all other cuases

Each answer resolves PROB to the percent attributable, based on scientific consensus in 2050. They will sum to 100%. This might be a little subjective so I won't trade on it.

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What鈥檚 the resolution mechanism to decide scientific consensus? Would love to trade if this was operationalised :)

I鈥檒l search around on google scholar and decide

how would you have graded the options if the resolution was today, instead?

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If you're doing "increased life expectancy", and not "life expectancy in adulthood", it should be almost entirely due to decreased childhood mortality. Something like 50% of all humans before 1800 died before age of 5, that drastically reduces life expectancy.

A lot of that was being too poor to feed the children, and either abandoning them or watching them starve.

industrial revolution was the tipping point on child mortality, because it made people rich enough to not starve their kids

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premium + resolves in 2050 is not a good choice imo

So much liquidity subsidy in a premium market that it's hard to correct the 100% overbet or move the needle?

The main issue is the time value of money. With no interest and no loan system it鈥檚 not worth it to correct a 30% mispricing that doesn鈥檛 resolve for 26 years

Figured there'd still be movement from folks looking to profit off some short-term movement towards interest-rate levels. <shrug> oh well

Not starving to death or being malnourished counts as improved diet, so improved diet should probably be the highest not the lowest, considering Malthusian conditions that prevailed before ind rev

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These currently sum to 200%, who wants to correct?

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I've done the same thing, agree preview would help.