When will the US elect the first female President?

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Given the lack of an "Other" option, and the fact that "Never" can never resolve, I suggest that we interpret the "Never" option as "2036 or later".

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If people agree with this, and nobody objects, we can do it that way, and worst case an admin resolves it accordingly

Does this imply that America will cease to exist before 2036?

@DoctorHow Just all females eligible for president will be wiped from the face of the earth before 2036, duh.

This poll is retarded.

Lmao add a "other" option

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Why does this use "Never" instead of "Not by 2032"? The options here aren't exhaustive.

So because of the word "elect", this wouldn't activate if Biden's soul departs this earthly plain and Harris becomes President, right?

@asmith Correct

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Why does this close September 3rd? And what happens if it’s later than 2032 but not never?

@june ...then you don't vote on it.

@JohnBrown so what do you plan to do in 2033?

@JohnBrown Why does this close September 3rd though? doesn't make any sense how would you know the answer unless you wait 8 years to resolve

also the question is malformed

@ii You should put your energy into perfectly forming an alternative question.

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I'm not them, but I put my energy into forming an alternative question: