New York Times article about UK Foundation Model Task Force in 2023?
resolved Jan 3

(this is a proxy question about popular traction the UK Foundation Model Task Force gets)

Resolves YES: if there is an article on the mainly (ie. not just a passing mention, at least half of the article must specifically deal with this particular initiative) about the UK Foundation Model Task Force (or Ian Hogarth) in 2023
Resolves NO: otherwise

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⚠Deleted Creator

📢 Resolves No Based on NYT search completed by predictor at my request since I did not have access without the paywall. The article provided by Shump only mentions the Ian Hogarth being appointed to a Task Force for Ai risk, and does not mention the UK Foundation Model Task Force.

⚠Deleted Creator

📢 @traders If you have proof of a YES or NO that is not paywalled, please post. (or post with paywall removed), please.

predicted NO


No results for this. Ian Hogarth appears to have been mentioned in the article @Shump posted, but the article isn't really about him or the prospective task force. Here's the unpaywalled link to that:

@Marnix Thank you. Yea it just mentions the appointment of him to an Ai task force.

predicted NO

@SirCryptomind that appears to be the only article he's been mentioned in this year, so I think this is a safe NO

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