What will be the total Utility Solar Photovoltaic Generation in 2023
Apr 1
Less than 150 Billion kilowatthours
150.01 -160 Billion kilowatthours
160.1-170 Billion kilowatthours
170.1-180 Billion kilowatthours
More than 180 Billion kilowatthours
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2023 numbers are out...

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Nice job with this market. Related:

@jcb. Good and perceptive question. I will be just using totals from the aforementioned page which has the current total for 2022 as 143. So even the lowest category would be a step up.

@IsaacKohane I'd suggest updating the title then. The total in the table is only utility-scale generation, not utility+small scale.

@jcb Done!

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I'm confused by the initial probabilities here. I see 143 billion kWh for photovoltaic in the utility section, and "The U.S. Energy Information Administration estimates that an additional 58 billion kWh of electricity generation was from small-scale solar photovoltaic systems in 2022.", giving total utility + small scale photovoltaic of 201 billion kWh in 2022. Seems like this should be expected to go up, or at least not radically down?

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