Will there stop being 50 states in the USA before 2032?

Resolves N/A if the USA stops existing entirely.

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This morning Isaac decided to spam post on all my markets lying about me. I pondered for a bit why someone would do that. I came up with some potential reasons but none definitive of course.

Were his feelings hurt because I dismissed him the other day with a single word?

Did his autism simply flare up?

Did he ran out of his medication?

Maybe seeing his father's belt triggered some bad childhood memories.

Or perhaps his favourite cuckold website got shut down.

Is there a chance that his coworkers found out about his latex fetish?

Could it be that someone saw him peeing in his basement?

Was it his mom who saw him peeing in his basement?

Did the experience embarrass or arouse him?

All quite probable causes for Isaac soy rage posting at me. Regardless, his posts gave inspiration to this market and I think he will appreciate me emulating him a bit by posting this market on his markets as well.

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