Will there be a lunar particle accelerator by the beginning of 2050?
closes 2050


Doesn't have to encircle the moon, much smaller accelerators count too. They just need to be permanently attached to the moon. (i.e. an accelerator in a spaceship that temporarily lands on the moon does not count.)

Must have been built for research purposes.

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ErwinRossen avatar
Erwin Rossen

I think you should specify a minimum energy, otherwise an old-fashioned cathode ray tube would already count and I don't think that's what you have in mind.

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IsaacKing avatar

@ErwinRossen Good point. Minimum energy or minimum size? Or maybe specify that it needs to be for research purposes?

ErwinRossen avatar
Erwin Rossen

@IsaacKing I think any of these three would help. It's hard to say upfront what to specify when looking almost 30 years into the future.