Will there be an orbital laser before 2035?

Some examples of things that could qualify:

Must be a big laser, intended to do something awesome. Someone bringing a laser pointer to the ISS doesn't count. Not does communications technology, that's old news. A ground-based laser also doesn't count, even if it's cool and has something to do with orbit. (If there's an orbiting mirror reflecting it somewhere though, that's awesome enough that I might make an exception.)

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What counts as big? You put LISA as something that would qualify but prototypes for the laser don’t look very large.

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What about Starlink’s optical space lasers? Awesome or no? Nvm it’s communication

SWELL has been providing nearly continuously about 1.5 watts at the power beaming receiver’s output with an end-to-end efficiency around 11%, more than ten times the team’s efficiency goal. The power beaming link distance is 1.45 meters.

This is pretty sad.

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@IsaacKing they just need to line up about 10,000 of these, and then it will be awesome!

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@Joshua I like the way u think

Must be able to do more than 10hp damage per strike or similar?

Does the laser need to be functional, or is it allowed to be a half-built moon-sized superweapon that definitely isn't operational yet?

@Tumbles It must be fully armed and operational.