Will Mark Ingraham be gone for good by the end of May?
resolved Jul 31

Mark Ingraham is a user who has been trolling Manifold for the past few weeks by posting intentionally controversial or confusing markets and comments. They've been "testing" the ability of Manifold to ban them, by creating a new account every time their old one is banned.

Accounts that appear to be Mark include:

This resolves to YES if at the end of May I haven't seen any activity by any account that seems likely to be Mark within the past 2 weeks.

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I am putting everything into my inflation bet on the may CPI with Chris. If that fails I will go negative and leave. Chris is a coward and is putting a small fraction of his wealth in, despite literally working for the government department that calculates the CPI.

Regardless of whether I leave, capitalism will collapse and all my predictions will be correct.

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Shus Eueue7 (@ShusEueue7) | Manifold Markets

If that account looks like Mark this market is guaranteed to resolve NO.

predicted NO

@Mira Yeah I agree that this is probably a Mark Ingraham sock.

I found some more socks too:

@duck_master mystery solved. All the socks go to mark

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@duck_master That guy socks real hard.

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predicted YES

@duck_master and @EjeEisis

predicted YES

@duck_master also I think this market can resolve as no.

predicted NO

@Schwabilismus I already found EjeEisis on May 1 (which was three weeks ago!). But also I agree that this is pretty much a guaranteed NO at the point.

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@duck_master .... And Jsjw Jssu

predicted YES

@duck_master And Eis Didis8s


Users "Djj Riri" and "Djj Riri" seem to be alts, too.

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@Schwabilismus I bought yes because hope is the last one to die.

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@Schwabilismus What a weirdo. Him, not you

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@JohnSmithb9be I can be weird, too. But usually only when I intend to.

Will Manifold stop feeding the trolls by end of 2023?

predicted YES

@MartinRandall End troll hunger 2023!

@MartinRandall which platform doesn't have trolls? I think the communities on most platforms do more (via moderation for ex) to manage trolls than the admins of any site. I don't really get what you're trying to say ig

@firstuserhere it's common for returning banned users to have all their content deleted or hidden, for example.

Making markets about banned users is feeding too.

@MartinRandall gotcha!

I endorse this now that you've mentioned it. Much of Mark's content, including markets, should be deleted