Will I be able to resolve this market to YES with my eyes closed by following the instructions of other traders?
resolved Mar 19

When this market closes, I'll briefly reopen it and enter a stream on the Manifold discord where I share my screen and close my eyes. I'll attempt to follow the instructions of other people in the call to resolve the market to YES.

If I end up resolving it to anything else instead, that resolution will stand.

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This was a little anticlimactic. Let's try again with an M$200 subsidy this time.

bought Ṁ80 of NO

And team YES forfeits by no-show

sold Ṁ84 of YES

@IsaacKing It turns out that 2 YESes and 1 NO showed up, but the price was high enough that it was profitable for the YESes to switch to NO.

Nobody? That's disappointing. I'll give it a few minutes and if nobody shows up I'm just going to start clicking around arbitrarily.

Alright, I'm going to do this at 14:00 Pacific time. (In ~44 minutes.) Join me in the Manifold chat if you want to participate.

Props to anyone who gets Isaac to donate to charity instead of resolving the market.

If you resolve this market N/A, you should re-resolve to NO

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@Sinclair 🙌

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(or prob)

@Sinclair Nah. People who don't want N/A should just join the call and try really hard to get me to resolve it differently. :)

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@IsaacKing but then that would be an incorrect resolution

I've clearly stated it in the description...

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@IsaacKing I can't read