Will anyone have their mind read without their prior consent before 2030?


Note that this would include reading the mind of someone in a coma, even if they were ok with it after the fact.

This also includes getting someone to say "I consent" by holding a gun up to their face or similar, since they didn't actually consent.

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Interesting question...

  1. Does this reading have to result from "direct" analysis on neural activity (e.g. something in the vein of EKG, MRI, etc...) or would using technology to read non-verbal tells at level beyond natural human ability (e.g. an AI lie detector that can work on a video)?

  2. What counts as mind reading? For example it's no entirely uncommon that I know what another is thinking without them telling me, but this probably isn't enough to resolve YES. Could you give some examples about what does and doesn't resolve?

predicts YES

From the article: “we tested whether successful decoding requires subject cooperation and found that subject cooperation is required both to train and to apply the decoder.“


Also includes cryonically preserved minds?

@MartinRandall Yes, and uploaded ones.

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