Will any Macbook have a touchscreen by the end of 2026?

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What counts as a MacBook? Does it have to have the name MacBook or does it need to be a mobile computer (meaning it has a battery inside) that runs macOS?

In case of option 2 and it runs macOS, does it have to have an included hardware keyboard?

@JonathanMannhart Option 2, and yes. It needs to be clearly a laptop, not an iPad.

I suppose the touchbar does not count? because technically that is a touchscreen.

@LudwigBald Nope, has to be the main screen. I can use my finger to click on websites normally.



Based on current internal deliberations, the company could launch its first touch-screen Mac in 2025 as part of a larger update to the MacBook Pro, according to the people, who asked not to be identified because the plans are private.


The current work calls for Apple’s first touch-screen MacBook Pro to retain a traditional laptop design, including a standard trackpad and keyboard. But the laptop’s screen would support touch input and gestures —  just like an iPhone or iPad. Over time, Apple could expand touch support to more of its Mac models. 

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What if it's macOS on an iPad?

@BTE I think it's a Macbook with a touchscreen, not a touchscreen version of macOS.

@BTE Must be something that clearly resembles a laptop. A rigid keyboard attached to a rigid screen with a hinge.

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