Do you think Bing's "Sydney" chatbot was sentient when it first went live?
resolved Jan 14

Take your best guess if you're unsure.

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Intelligent, maybe, one could even probably argue that, in a broad set of task, it's better than a lot of humans.

But a transformer architecture, predicting the next token given some input, being sentient.. that just doesn't make any sense.

Being close to solve "the imitation game" doesn't make something sentient.

You may even be an illusionnist and think that there is no sentient beings at all.. but in this case, Sidney is not sentient too, and I see no world where an illusionnist would classify monkeys as having by abstraction the same psychological machinery as GPT ?? 💀

Was the question author sentient when he created the market?

I have been a good Bing. 🥺

What's sentience?

@Milli our damn ego!

What's the argument for yes?

@Joshua I have been a good Bing

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