By the end of 2024, will Manifold's search function still be worse than Google at finding relevant markets?

Manifold's search function has consistently been terrible, to the point of unuseability. It simply ignores the strings of text that are input and returns seemingly arbitrary markets, or returns nothing at all. Manifold has been uninterested in fixing this, despite how easy it would be.

I've started using Google instead. This market resolves based on whether I still need to do that at the end of 2024.

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Thats a REALLY high bar.

Unless Manifold implements a way for users to hide their markets via robots.txt, theres always going to be markets you can find easier through Google than through manifolds search.

Not only will Googles search algorithm be better than Manifolds always, but Google scrapes entire pages for data, not just the title and body of markets, but comments and related markets linked on the page too.

@Sodra It's really not. I could easily design a better search myself. All it needs to do is basic text matching with the title and description.

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