Resolves to my impression of the popular consensus in 2050. (About 2023 bees, not any uplifted versions in 2050.)

This market is about individual bees, not an entire beehive as a unified organism.

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All the markets about consciousness seems to be ridiculously mispriced, but there are only so many philosophy markets I can dedicate myself to keep a sane confidence level of...

"But finding a way to mass-produce crops while reducing pain and suffering for bees is a daunting undertaking. If vegetarians and vegans who avoid eating animals for ethical reasons were to apply the same standards to foods pollinated by bees, they would have very little on their plates.

“We can’t produce nutritious food in this country without bees,” says a longtime agricultural entomologist working for the USDA. The scientist asked not to be named for fear of retribution by animal rights activists"


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@Pickle doesn't make sense. Even if bees are conscious, why would them pollinating crops be considered suffering?


What if a single bee is not sentient, but a beehive of bee is?

@footgun Wonderful question! This market is about individual bees.

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@IsaacKing Can you just add the word "individual" to the question? Will help people understanding market better (especially on Swipe mode) without opening it

@Dreamingpast Are there actually a significant number of people who think I might be asking about whether bees are a literal hive mind? Doesn't seem likely...

@IsaacKing yes! relevant!

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@IsaacKing I can only contribute one data point, but yes, the idea that a single bee might be sentient seemed silly to me, so I assumed it was about hives.

@Shelvacu Interesting. That seems like a strange assumption to me; when we talk about humans being sentient, we mean individual humans, not "human society interpreted as an intelligent being".

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