Will there be either a peace agreement or a war between Armenia and Azerbaijan before 2024?
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Ci sarà una guerra o un trattato di pace tra Armenia e Azerbaijan prima del 2024?

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Antoine Dusséauxpredicts YES

Armenia parliament speaker not ruling out signing of peace treaty with Azerbaijan in Granada: https://news.am/eng/news/783039.html

(Meeting of the European Political Community on 5 October 2023 in Granada, Spain)

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Inimicizie blog

@adssx Things are heating up!

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How can there be a peace agreement without a war?

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Inimicizie blog

@roma Because there wasn't a definitve one after the 2020 war, and there are many issues to be resolved. Various countries have worked on brokering a peace deal.

Any comprehensive deal between Baku and Yerevan about security issues would count to resolve this question as yes.

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Inimicizie blog

I don't count the current Nagorno-Karabakh operation as a war with Armenia, as both sides have denied it and clashes are occurring in internationally recognized azeri territory

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So, NO is a neither a peace agreement, nor a war?

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Inimicizie blog

@a2bb Correct