Will America get a big earthquake, along the West Coast and as far as Mexico City, in 2024?

Tracking predictions from the podcast Oh No, Ross and Carrie! episode 399. Transcript available at https://maximumfun.org/transcripts/oh-no-ross-and-carrie/transcript-oh-no-ross-and-carrie-ep-399-ross-carrie-and-psychics-predict-2024-cancer-cures-and-election-edition/

Carrie Poppy: [...] And specifically, he said that “America is going to get quite a big earthquake. It’ll go along the West Coast and as far as Mexico City.” He says, “I don’t see everything collapsing, but I feel there is a big one coming this year.” Yep.

Ross Blocher: Okay. That’s also specific. Alright!

I will resolve according to their evaluation in 2025 ("No" for a zero on their scale, "N/A" for one, and "Yes" for two)

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It's good that you're deferring to the judgement of the folks that call this "specific", because it's isn't.

An example of specific prediction would be "an earthquake with epicenter anywhere within 100km from the coastline of California, Oregon or Washington and also causes sufficient damage anywhere in Mexico City that it makes the local news and can be unambiguously attributed to the quake". There are many specific predictions one can make from poorly-specified ones, this is just an example.

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