Will @BTE be compensated by Manifold staff for his loss in the recent controversial market?
resolved Jul 21

"Lex @IsaacKing"

Compensation needs to be in the form of mana. E.g. free mana, resetting losses from this particular market, setting account balance to 0, or some other similar way.

Edit: per question from BTE himself, yes a loan would also count.

Has to be publicly known, stated by @BTE or Manifold staff. Suspicions aren't enough, unless evident in otherwise inexplicable ways (because the Manifold portfolio now works again, right? ๐Ÿ˜…).

Resolves NO at end of year if no news on the issue.

I won't trade in this market (I sold my position and won't take new ones) in order to make unbiased resolution easier, in case of hard calls.

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This happened can resolve YES

@BTE resolving YES based on this and @DavidChee's considerable position ๐Ÿ˜Œ

If I got a loan from Manifold would you consider that compensation?

@BTE thanks for the clarifying question.

Yes, that seems to 1) directly involve transfer of mana and also 2) carry an economic benefit.

@HenriThunberg I was offered one but I haven't accepted it yet. I will definitely update here if that changes.

@BTE btw it would be preferable if you got a loan from someone else like @jack or @MarcusAbramovitch since we try to avoid giving out loans after the whole WNM fiasco.

But if you can't find a good arrangement then for this circumstance we would definitely be okay to give you a loan as promised in dms!

@DavidChee i happily provide loans to people. i already do it. that said, i don't think a loan from me counts as comp from manifold

@MarcusAbramovitch agreed it doesn't count, even if by their blessing.

@MarcusAbramovitch What are the terms on your loans?

@BTE Broadly willing to give Manifold users who don't seem scummy:
0.75%/day (though rates do get higher if it's right at end of month)

@BTE Feel free to just DM on discord. Easier there

Actually changed my mind hella quickly, I am definitely not trading in this market.

@HenriThunberg ๐Ÿ˜…