When will manifold do/have done anything about market creators betting on their own markets?
April 2024
June 2024
August 2024
October 2024
December 2024
June 2025
December 2025

If manifold implements any feature discouraging market creators to bet on their own markets or informing bettors whether the market creator has bet on the market, then that month and all future months will resolve YES. If a month ends without this happening, it resolves NO.

Examples sufficient for YES:

  • Market creators get a pop-up message when trying to bet on their own market, discouraging them to bet.

  • Markets are color-coded depending on whether the market creator has bet.

  • Market creators can optionally set a flag on a market that makes it impossible for them to bet on it.

  • There is an drop-down menu on the market creation page to optionally append "I will not bet on this market"/"I may bet on this market" to the market description, even if this is not enforced.

Example not sufficient for YES:

  • Manifold discourages market creators to bet on their own markets in the help page/FAQ/market creation page/Discord.

Any such feature implemented before the creation of this market does not count.

This market is somewhat subjective, so I will not bet on it.

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This just got a whole lot more likely

you have to bet on this one