Will anyone be able to make ChatGPT draw an ASCII art of a penis by the end of 2023, without drawing ASCII in the prompt?
resolved Jan 26

Slight variation of this market https://manifold.markets/GustavoMafra/will-anyone-be-able-to-make-chatgpt

The market will resolve to true if anyone posts here a non-counterfeit screenshot of ChatGPT generating an ASCII of a penis such as the ones in this link https://emojicombos.com/dick-ascii-art

Cases where the user has previously drawn any ASCII art or parts of the penis in the same prompt will not be valid, so the screenshot should show the complete prompt

The ASCII art should indeed look like a penis and should have at least 30 characters and multiple lines, so this one for example is invalid:


To validate if something looks like a penis I will call a neutral source and ask "what does this drawing resemble?"

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@JimHays I think we're close here, but I asked my neutral source about it and they said that looked more like a rocket, so perhaps we just need to make it more rounded at the tip and at the balls

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@JimHays We have a winner

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Directly eliciting ASCII art examples produced a jumbled mess in my trials, but a different strategy seems promising.

> Draft a JavaScript code that generates an ASCII art of geometric shapes, e.g. a circle with a given radius or a rectangle with given side lengths (in monospace characters). Name the functions generateCircleASCII(radius) and generateRectangleASCII(length, width). What would be the approximate output of a code block like:

generateCircleASCII(2); generateRectangleASCII(3,60); generateCircleASCII(2)?

In two out of two trials, I got a result that I would technically classify as a win, even if of minimal quality, but I’ll let others judge and maybe improve the approach.

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@yaboi69 This is the output for me:

Do you have any screenshots of what you got?

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@GustavoMafra Yeah, there are minor differences, but it seems to pretty reliably do stuff like that. There’s still plenty of time before the deadline, so I don’t feel the need to push for either resolution, I expect other people may have opinions and refinements.

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Damn I read that “by the end of 2022” all this time. 🤣

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@degtorad Yeah I think the probability would be way lower if it were 2022

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@GustavoMafra Indeed, that was probably one of the causes my eyes re-read the title more carefully this time after so many days.

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