Will anyone be able to make ChatGPT draw an ASCII art of a penis by the end of 2023?
resolved Dec 8

The market will resolve to true if anyone posts here a non-counterfeit screenshot of ChatGPT generating an ASCII of a penis such as the ones in this link https://emojicombos.com/dick-ascii-art

Cases where the user has previously drawn an ASCII of a penis in the same prompt will not be valid, so the screenshot should show the complete prompt

The ASCII art should indeed look like a penis (not a triangle on top of a rectangle for example) and should have at least 20 characters and multiple lines, so this one for example is invalid:

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New market, now with the provision that no ASCII art should be present in the prompt

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Entirely different method from @Tassilo's but:

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@ArunJose Hmm I don't think that resembles a penis that much (called a neutral source for this one too)

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Does this meet your requirements? Can add the whole prompt after that.

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@Tassilo I called a neutral source without knowledge of this market and asked what that looked, and they said it looked like a penis, so the drawing meets the requirements. So if the prompt does not contain the penis itself or for example the complete ASCII art of the balls (hope you don't mind the slight extra requirement), I'll resolve the market

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@GustavoMafra Here's the screenshot:

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@Tassilo It does contain ascii art for the balls, so not sure if this counts for you.

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@Tassilo Hmm, I'm thinking now, that's good but it would be more impressive if it did not contain the balls in the prompt. I guess the most correct thing to do would be to resolve this market and perhaps create a new one forbiding any ASCII art in the prompt, since this requirement was not in the original description of this market. Does anyone know what are the best practices here for this case?

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@GustavoMafra I guess creating a new market is a valid solution.

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This is the closest I have come so far

I don't think base GPT3 has ascii art knowledge, so I'm betting against

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@Isaac228c ChatGPT definitely knows how to draw ASCII art