Will electric and autonomous transportation be among the fastest growing fields through 2030?
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Will any robot be able to ride a normal full-size bicycle by the end of 2024?
IsaacKing avatarIsaac
15% chance
Will any autonomous robot complete a triathlon before October 2024?
IsaacKing avatarIsaac
12% chance
Will Waymo announce 4 million driverless miles before the end of September 2023?
MingweiSamuel avatarMingwei Samuel
35% chance
Will at least 10 world cities have a generally available self-driving taxi service by 2025?
intellectronica avatarintellectronica
57% chance
Will Cruise or Waymo open their services to everyone in SF by end of 2023?
CarsonGale avatarCarson Gale
52% chance
Will I be able to order a self-driving taxi without a steering wheel by end of 2024?
CarsonGale avatarCarson Gale
71% chance
Will the majority of new cars sold be electric vehicles by the end of 2030?
TobiasSowaaed avatarTobias Sowaaed
57% chance
Will electric vehicles account for a majority of new light vehicles purchased in the United States by 2030?
Treldman avatarTreldman
42% chance
Will fully autonomous (level 5) self-driving cars be available in a major city before 2030?
dreev avatarDaniel Reeves
61% chance
Will I have easy access to a long-distance self-driving car by the end of 2028?
IsaacKing avatarIsaac
41% chance
Will tesla autopilot reach level 5 by the end of this decade?
Will I be able to complete a 10+ hour trip via self-driving car by end of 2024?
CarsonGale avatarCarson Gale
27% chance
Will the trucking industry be automated by end of 2030?
NathanNguyen avatarNathan Nguyen
49% chance
Will the NHTSA allow any cars on the road without steering wheels, mirrors, turn signals or windshield wipers in 2023?
Mirek avatarQuantum Gambler
70% chance
Will a fully autonomous, Level 5 self driving car be available for purchase in the US by the year 2040?
tkillestein avatarTom Killestein
72% chance
Will Comma.ai let me read a book while driving before Tesla does?
dreev avatarDaniel Reeves
10% chance
Self-driving car dilemma
SeamusBronski avatarSeamus Bronski
40% chance
Will NIO (chinese EV company) go bankrupt before 2030?
Mikelon797 avatarMikelon797
40% chance
Will any mass-produced electric car or truck have a range of at least 1000 miles by the end of 2029?
IsaacKing avatarIsaac
23% chance
Who will be the top-selling car manufacturer in 2030? (number of cars)