Will the alleged alien mummies from Peru be debunked by 2025?

The recent sensation about the so-called alien mummies from Peru has stirred up significant debate and speculation. In 2023, a set of mummified remains, claimed to be evidence of extraterrestrial life, was presented to the Mexican Congress, generating both intrigue and skepticism. Jaime Maussan, a ufologist and journalist, asserted that nearly one third of these mummies' DNA was unknown, fueling further speculation about their origins. However, these claims have been met with considerable skepticism from the scientific community. Reports indicate that the figures are almost certainly human-made, with the Peruvian government asserting that they are, in fact, pre-Hispanic remains. Furthermore, the ninth annual World Congress on Mummy Studies, held in Lima, Peru, has denounced these claims as a hoax, calling for an official inquiry into potential archaeological crimes. Given this context, the question arises: Will these alleged alien mummies from Peru be fully debunked by 2025? This market seeks to predict whether conclusive evidence will emerge by 2025, debunking the extraterrestrial origin of these mummies and confirming them as human-made or of pre-Hispanic origin.

Resolution Criteria: This market will resolve positively if, by December 31, 2025, credible scientific reports or investigations conclusively debunk the extraterrestrial claims of the Peruvian mummies, affirming their human-made or pre-Hispanic nature. It will resolve negatively if such debunking does not occur by the given date.


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Resolve this. It's already debunked

bought Ṁ25 of YES

@parhizj Sorry, this guy didn't have access to the mummies presented in Mexico

They were debunked in 2016 (and if you don't already consider them debunked i'm way too scared to put mana on YES in this market)

@dgga Hey duN, I hear your concerns about the 2016 debunking. However, there's buzz that these Peruvian mummies might be a different set, not debuked yet.

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