Will Bolsonaro be imprisoned before the end of 2023?
resolved Jan 1

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Hey guys, this subject has been rather quiet the last couple of weeks. Anyone got any new hints?

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@LeonardoKr n, bem q vc me lembrou q eu tinha YES aqui

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@MP what about you, @RogerChao? Any news about new charges or developments regarding existing controversies?

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By "until 2023" do you mean that, if he is imprisioned now but is released before the end of the year, this would resolve NO?

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@kcs it means before the end of 2023

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@FranklinBaldo I see, thanks!

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In what world this market resolves to NO and /FranklinBaldo/will-any-arrest-warrant-be-issued-a resolves to YES?

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@MP he fles, he dies, warrent is nullified before arest, etc

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Does he need to be convicted for the purposes of this market or temporary arrest for investigation counts as well, making it identical with the "arrested" market?

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@GustavoMafra temporary arrest is enough

@FranklinBaldo What about a house-arrest?

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@ManifoldDream "Will Bolsonaro be imprisoned until the end of 2023?" by Portinari

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