Will there be an offensive, ideologically motivated incident against an AI entity in 2024?
Dec 31

Offensive: Any hostile action targeting an AI entity, whether online or offline.

Primacy of Ideologic Motive: The focus is on incidents primarily driven by ideological motives, even if commercial or state interests are also involved. The ideological motive must be the dominant reason for the action, clearly overshadowing any commercial, state, or other interests. Public evidence of such ideological motives, like efforts to halt AGI development or delay AI advancements, must be demonstrable within 2024

Entity: Includes AI organizations and their outputs, individuals involved in AI development, and AI infrastructure elements like data centers and chip manufacturing facilities.

This question is inspired by a similar one posed on X by @Scholars_Stage in 2023, which has since been deleted.

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Does data poisoning count?

@Nick6d8e I'd say yes if the condition of ideological motivation is met, but any commercial interest can't be behind it

@FrankSight https://nightshade.cs.uchicago.edu/whatis.html Is this sort of thing sufficiently ideologically motivated, or do you view it as protection of commercial interest on behalf of the artists?

@Nick6d8e Thanks for asking; it prompted me to clarify the description. The primacy of ideological motive is necessary to qualify. In the case of Nightshade/Glaze, the ideological motive is not primary; its main function is as a deterrence tool to protect artists' IP. The stated motivation in the blog—to learn and conduct research—aims for a positive impact, though this goal is somewhat common. Ideologically-driven hostile actions are more likely to stem from pressing AI concerns such as existential risks, climate impact, job displacement, inequality, and military applications.

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