Will Silence be the first sport climb confirmed 9c?

Silence was climbed by Adam Ondra in 2017, who proposed the grade 9c, the first person to propose that grade.

By "confirmed" I mean one other climber completes the route and gives it the grade 9c. If the second climber gives it a grade different to 9c, market remains open (close date extending as necessary). If the grade ends up being really controversial I'll use my own judgment of the balance of opinion of relevant experts to decide if it is reasonable to say it has been "confirmed" 9c. (For example, if the second climber gives it 9b+ and the third climber gives it 9c, it's quite likely that I will consider that "confirmed 9c" but I'll try to find out what the consensus among climbers is.)

If another climb is confirmed 9c first, or if a consensus is formed that Silence is not 9c (either higher or lower) this market resolves NO.

Close date extends until there is a confirmed 9c.

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There was no one else who had completed it in september.

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@Fedor just to be clear, this market doesn't resolve NO at the end of the year. I should have set a longer date for this and the other markets, but it was quite a long time ago when I made it!

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@Fion I don't know how to get rid of the new year's resolutions tag. >:(

@Fion Thanks, that is a crucial element that is good to know.

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@Fedor thanks for drawing attention to it; I've updated the description. Glad you didn't lose mana as a result of the miscommunication!

Do we have a light roster of possible confirmers? Has anyone expressed interest?

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@ThatGuy I don't have a list, but Stefano Ghisolfi is working on it.


(Not sure how to see the date of a short, so I don't know if this is recent or not.)

I think this is the crux, so he's looking pretty strong on it!