The Economist "Which countries did best in 2024" results megamarket (MC UL, 71 in total)
Dec 16
The top country is not Denmark and not Greece
A country not on any of the previous 3 years appears in the top 10
At least 3 non-European countries are in top 10
Britain beats France
Germany beats France
USA Beats Britain
Europe has the most countries in the top 10
Israel beats (Iran and Saudi and Turkey)
Mexico [0% for 11th, 10% for 10th, 100% for 1st]
Denmark [0% for 11th, 10% for 10th, 100% for 1st]
Norway [0% for 11th, 10% for 10th, 100% for 1st]
Any majority non-Christian country in top 10?
Traditionally Christian country will be #1
Countries from at least 6 regions [defined below] appear in the top 20
Mediterranean [score = 10% * number of Mediterranean touching countries]
USA vs Japan win margin [score = 10% * number of places US finishes in front of Japan, max 100% min 0%]
Top country is in Europe
Top 2 countries are not in Europe
An Asian country appears in the top 10
EU Status [score = 10%*number of EU countries in top 10]


For the last few years, in late December or early January, the Economist usually releases a chart with a title something like "which countries did the best".

Types of markets


Above, there are multiple types of options. The first, type is like this:

  • Denmark [0% for 11th, 10% for 10th, 100% for 1st]

  • This means that the first 10 places will be scored, counting down 100% to 0%.

  • Ties resolve with the nominal value (8=, 8= => 80% for both)

A vs B

Another type is "A vs B" markets; these resolve by whether A will beat B. If A wins, 100%. If B wins, 0%. If they tie, then 50%. This is based on the ranking, and note that the Economist includes ties (in 2023, designated by a sequence of rank numbers such as "8=, 8=, 10=" which means there were two countries tied for 8th, to preserve logic, therefore 9th was skipped. If A appears in the list, and B doesn't A wins. If neither appears, then NA.

A vs B win margin

For these, we look at how many places ahead A is. If tied or behind or missing, score is 0%. If A is ahead by 1 place (for example, 1st vs 2nd place) then 10%. If by 10 or more places, score is 100%.

Best in region

Regions are defined based on this map:

So the regions are

  • North America

  • South America (including South America and the Carribean)

  • Africa

  • Middle East

  • Europe

  • Asia

  • Oceania (Oz NZ and pacific island nations)

Details on data

This chart has included factors like the following, but with some variations:

  • GDP

  • Household income per person

  • Share Prices

  • Investment

  • Public Debt to GDP Ratio

  • Core Prices

  • Employment

  • Inflation Breadth

Historical Results


2021 results:

2022 results:

2023 results:

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Given that all their lists seem based to be drawn from OECD countries there are some easy responses.

bought Ṁ10 of A country not on any... YES

Don’t they ever list any African countries?

@NicoDelon yeah they don't list China either. It could be lack of data they trust?

@Ernie It seems to be restricted to OECD countries.