A new image generation system comes out which has accurate text generation, and interest in it surpasses Stable diffusion and Midjourney
  1. it will be a new term

  2. it will surpass the historical peaks of stable diffusion & midjourney visibile in the image below, on the same y axis

  3. i.e. when it comes out, the total interest in it will be higher than the total interest was in those prior two systems at their peak

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I believe GPT-4o has native image generation capabilities & accurate text

@SaviorofPlant agree on the tech based on the demo images.. this claim is specific about how to evaluate it so I'm waiting. Hopefully it comes out to the API soon

@Ernie How would you measure the trends data for this? Most users are probably going to be searching "ChatGPT" and not "GPT-4o"

@SaviorofPlant yeah. The claim is fairly focused on hype level of the image generation tool, so it's not about absolute image quality actually, but rather being able to measure a high hype level.

Measuring it by searches for chatgpt would incorrectly include general gpt info, so that doesn't seem wise.

I'm open to ways to fairly measure this including combining search terms

when does this resolve?

predicts YES

all of the conditions but "text generation in images" seem unlikely to me.

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