Will aging be cured by 2100?

Resolves yes if a de-aging solution is created by 2100.

This counts repeatable reversal of human aging and the stoppage of aging at all. i.e. stops all natural causes of death.

Note: solution has to be theoretically able to let you live forever without outside causes affecting it.

Mar 16, 11:32am: Will there be a solution to aging by 2100? → Will aging be cured by 2100?

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I don't bet on these markets because while I think that a cure for "aging" will be achieved within ten years, the disease itself is actually a collection of many other diseases.

In 10 years, we'll see "aging" as a number of things, like protein aggregation, telomere shortening, and so on, each of which causes specific symptoms and each of which is cured differently. There's no single pill that will cure all of them, and also nobody has ever died of "aging" as a single cause.

If all biological humans are dead does this count as stopping all natural causes of death?

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