Will I be the world's youngest billionaire by the end of 2025?

Must have a valid news article. 50% of a company valued at $2 billion counts.

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If you are by then please remember me, i work for less than minimum wage on a third world country.

The market price implies that shares in your net worth at the end of 2025 should be worth at least $1.3 million per 1%. Selling them seems like a great way to raise capital!

if sufficiently many No shares have been bought, you can buy & resolve Yes to become a billionaire

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Who bets no on this? Go crush it @Devansh

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I guess I think having calibrated markets is more important than providing motivation for users

Also, calibrated markets help market owners understand when they are doing things right or wrong

The Office gif. Mindy Kaling as Kelly gives an intimidating glare. As she walks away she makes several theaterning motions with her hands. She first makes a W and a L on her forehead and then slides a finger across her throat.

@Devansh How old are you?

This is important, because there already is a billionaire 20 years old from South Korea.

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What are you doing that could possibly make you a billionaire?

@robm building aligned artificial general intelligence with my bare hands

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@Devansh vouch we're making good progress


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What's your current approximate net worth and income?

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@TheAllMemeingEye net worth hard to pin down. between $100,000 and ~$25 million depending on ur liquidity premium and private equity valuation.

income: $0.

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