What would happen in Minecraft 1.21? [Add answers]
Jul 1
Wind charge becomes a new standard for arrow and player cannons
Raid farms gets broken (by pillagers no longer applying the effect directly)
The Mace gets nerfed

1.21 update is planned to release in 2024. See also:

By "Any changes to the Nether Dimension" I mean literally any changes, including changes to nether mob AI and loot tables

"Wind charge becomes a new standard for arrow and player cannons" - Resolves YES if Minecraft redstone community starts using wind charge based cannons more frequently than tnt ones within 3 month after the update. Must be true for both arrow AND player cannons. NO otherwise

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@traders The update will be released soon! (Or be delayed, who knows). Place your bets!

@traders The release date is announced to be june 13th and the first pre-release is out!

Current state of things:

No changes to the Nether.

No new blocks or redstone comonents were added since market creation.

Copper bulb is still on 2 ticks.

Pillagers drop potions.

No potion stacking.

Villager trade rebalance is still a datapack.

Also: If the update is late by at least 2 full days, this would count as a delay!

@CyfralCoot "Copper bulb is still on 2 ticks"

I hate bedrock I hate bedrock I hate bedrock.

@Najawin Hey, at least you get mana

slow game

The Mace gets nerfed

The mace got nerfed and buffed at the same time a couple of times. In the end, they really decreased damage per fallen block and made it so it has diminishing returns. Abd increased cooldown time. But they added op enchants... This kinda makes me regret this question and i'd want to resolve this to NA, but now it isn't possible.

To avoid escalating of this controversy, I'll resolve this to arbitrary 75% because I think what they did can be called a nerf around 75% of time.

Anyway, no one did ever bet on this market, so no one gets hurt.

Raid farms gets broken (by pillagers no longer applying the effect directly)

How would this get resolved if there are no further changes in 1.21? Currently, only fairly minor modifications are required to make most farms work again, but at lower rates.

@Eiim currently, pillagers drop potions on death instead of giving the effect directly. This totally breaks automatic raid farms, because, well, a simple autoclicker wouldn't be enough to run the farm. This will resolve YES

At least 1 new block added after the creation of this question

@traders a new variant of the Trial Spawner has been added: the Ominous Trial Spawner. I don't know yet if it's just a block variant or it has a unique block ID. So I'll wait until tomorrow to check. If it has it's own ID, the question resolves YES, as it's technically a new block

Result: That's not a new block. No new block IDs yet

Copper bulb reverts to having 1 tick delay
bought Ṁ20 Copper bulb reverts ... NO

Either I'm wrong and I'm happy, or I'm right and I get mana.

@Najawin Hello fellow redstoner 🤝

@CyfralCoot Actually I'm a based 1.7 modpack player. But I keep up with redstone and it was just such a perfect component. Ruined for bedrock parity.

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