When will an update be released that introduces a new dimension to Minecraft: Java Edition?

Resolution Criteria:

  • This market resolves to the year interval during which an official update (no snapshots) to Minecraft: Java Edition introduces a new dimension beyond the current Overworld, Nether, and End dimensions. For instance, if a new dimension is introduced in 2026, this market will resolve to 2026-2027.

  • Something is regarded as a "dimension" if it is a separate world instance in the same manner as the Overworld, Nether, or End. This market applies this definition such that if the format of these three original dimensions changes (in the latest official update), the definition of what constitutes a "dimension" also changes, with retroactive effects. This could even allow for the market to resolve to a previously passed year interval if, under a new definition, an existing feature now qualifies as a dimension and meets the market criteria.

  • Only updates adding entirely new dimensions count; updates to existing dimensions do not. However, new dimensions that are related to existing ones qualify, provided they are distinct in both code and lore.

  • The new dimension must be accessible in core vanilla survival gameplay without any special requirements (no experimental settings).

  • It must be recognized as a unique dimension both in terms of lore and gameplay, rather than a technical workaround (e.g., an item granting access to a unique per-player storage room that is technically another dimension does not qualify, whereas an Aether-like dimension does).

  • If a procedural dimension generation system is introduced (similar to the April Fool's 20w14∞ snapshot), player-created dimensions will not count; only pre-designed, non-procedural dimensions will.

  • This resolution still applies if Minecraft: Java Edition undergoes a name change or a complete overhaul of its internal code, provided it remains Java-based or uses a Java-written engine. Conversely, should Minecraft: Java Edition be discontinued in favor of Minecraft (Bedrock Edition) or other non-Java variants, this market will resolve to 2050-2051.

  • Should no new dimension be added to an official Minecraft: Java Edition update by January 1, 2051, 0:00:00 UTC (market trading closes December 31, 2050), this market will resolve to 2050-2051.

OP Trading: Given the objective nature of this market’s resolution, I reserve the right to place bets. However, I will do so only after at least 5 trades or trade orders from different traders have been made, to avoid any unfair advantage.

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