What will be true of a Manifold + OpenAI's new "GPTs" feature by the end of the year?
resolved Jan 1
A GPT that can workshop and create markets for you.
A GPT that can create and resolve markets for you without a user-supplied url, slug, id, or exact market title.
A GPT that can place bets on a user's behalf

OpenAI has introduced GPTs: Introducing GPTs (openai.com)

These allow for custom API integrations. It seems like there could be a very interesting Manifold GPT. Feel free to add other ideas for what such a GPT might be able to do.

Clarification: it does NOT have to be an official Manifold GPT. It can be made by anyone using the API.

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Hmm. So I was able to create a GPT that can workshop and create markets for ME. Only, I can't share it because it's configured with MY api key, and that's not modifiable... I was expecting a shareable GPT whereby a user could simply input their API key and be off to the races, not have to configure everything all themselves. As it stands, even though I have my own personal Manifold GPT, this would resolve NO by EOY if nothing changes.

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@Charlie that's great, first gpt I've seen that uses API (I've been busy), I've heard they're insecure or were at launch, so putting anything sensitive in them is a bad idea if you plan to share it, is that what you're getting at?

@VAPOR Well yeah it all comes down to how GPTs handle API keys. It's not really set up for a user to bring their own API key and do user-specific things with it, at least not easily. And yes, I wouldn't really put anything sensitive in the setup of a shared GPT.

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